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Mental Symbology
Level 2

Advanced Symbolic Mapping


Mental Symbology Level 2


I will not do this again in 2017, 2018, 2019 or even in 2020!

At the beginning, I plan to stop doing this after my first launch of this program in 2007. It is so tiring to present such a high level program.

But there are so many classmates urging me to do it again, so here is the Mental Symbology Level II 2016!!!

You are going to take yourself to a new higher level of using Mental Symbology to help others and yourself to advance and to enhance.

You help yourself and others seeing the full picture of their lives, their situations and their problems.

You are going to learn & master:

1. Another 12 Simple but Powerful Symbolic Questions to help transformation quicker, faster, easier and better!

2. The Symbols of Emotions. We represent emotions not in form of language, but symbols!

3. Relieve Historical Traumatic Influences and Burdens by Symbology. (It is just like doing Inner Regression without using any hypnosis!)

On completion of 1-3, you will be able to proficiently moving clients upward to the  Conceptual Level, backward to Archetypal Leve1 and downward to Emotional Level. Very powerful skill!

4. The D-er-est way of Mapping Clients’ Symbols.

5. How to gain insights for Personal Breakthroughs. Breakthroughs are rare and difficult, because it is not concrete but conceptual. Map it out to breakthrough!

6. Symbolic Jungian Individuation Process. You will master the process of helping others and yourself to transcend the bi-polarities of extremes!

7. Full Version of our ASI: Process

: Nov 10, 17, Dec 1, 8 2016

: Sat - 7pm – 10pm

: The Excel Centre

: HK$3,200, No payment needed yet. Only pay when class starts.

Enroll by emailing  

Certificate Awarded
: Certificate of Advanced Symbolic Mapping

再次提醒你 Mental Symbology Level 2 鐵定1110-128日舉辦如希望掌握 Symbolic Mapping 的另外12條問題以及進階的 Archetypal Symbols Identification Process (ASI:)請即電郵至enroll@excelcentre.net留位

Mental Symbology Level 2
心智符號學第二級與第一級乃既獨立又連貫的課程單元,從中你學懂如何從一更高層次-概念層次 Conceptual Level來助人助己解決難題,當我們在現實世界層次(認知層次 Cognitive Level)中膠著時,在更高的層次-概念層次,你更有可能找到更多的可能性,甚至答案!


  • Symbolic Mapping 的另外12條問題 -更快更易帶來轉化 
  • Archetypal Symbols Identification process (ASI:)容格的智慧
  • 情緒的符號-運用心智符號來助人發掘人生難題的情緒根源,等同催眠治療的內在/年齡回溯
  • 符號式容格個體化過程-助人助己超越概念兩極
  • 還有更多更多...


時間:7pm - 10pm
報名:請即電郵至enroll@excelcentre.net留位,請注明「報讀心智符號學 Level 2」,以及你的姓名。

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